Tamron SP 70-210mm 1:3.5 (model 19AH) Review

12/15/2014 - 09:57
Tamron SP 70-210mm 1:3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH Review

The letters SP in the title say that the object belongs to a Super Performance series, which is known as quality and ergonomics. Adaptall-2 indicates that a lens via an adaptor can be mounted on any camera. 

Tamron SP 70-210mm 3,5 back

Tamron SP 70-210 mm 1:3.5 with the adaptor Adaptall2-Nikon

This model was produced from 1984 through 1999 and is very successful. Some consider it the best in its class.

Tamron SP 70-210mm 3,5 autfit

Tamron SP 70-210mm 1:3,5 Specs

Focal length: 70-210mm

Aperture: f/ 3.5 — f/ 32

Weight (gr): 850

Length (mm): 154

Filter Ø (mm.): 62

Aperture blades: 7

Min. Focus distance (m.): 0.85


Handling and Mechanics

The lens has an impressive size and weight.

Tamron SP 70-210mm 3,5 with hood

Tamron SP 70-210mm 1:3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH with lens hood on Nikon camera at position 70mm 

Tamron SP 70-210mm 3,5

At position 210mm 

Tamron SP 70-210mm 3,5 aperture

Tamron SP 70-210mm 1:3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH aperture blades

Assembled very well, glass and metal. Nothing backlash.


Focusing and Zooming

The lens has one wide rubberized ring designed for focus and zoom. This design is called a “push-pull” and is very comfortable for zooming and focusing; you do not have to take your hand. The helicoid rotates 270 degrees. And the lens extends 2cm forward. The front element is rotated.

Tamron SP 70-210mm 3,5 at 70mm

At position 70mm 

Tamron SP 70-210mm 3,5 at 210mm

At position 210mm

For zooming, you need to pull ahead of the focusing ring. Thus, the ring is moved forward by 3.5cm so that the front moves out of the first element, forming an additional hood. This is good, but at the same time is not good because such a design does not allow to screw the threaded lens hood. Of course, if you have a genuine lens hood with his bayonet, then it's no problem. But on the secondary market are often sold without a lens hood. In this case, you do not get to replace it with an alternative.


Tamron SP 70-210mm 1:3,5 Sample Photos

.I took all photos on Nikon D3100, RAW export, minimal exposure correction



At aperture f/ 3.5 lens has good sharpness in the range of 70 to 135mm. Further, there is a noticeable softening of the image. Good for portraits. 3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

210mm f/ 3.5

From the aperture, f/ 4 sharpness good across the entire range of distances.

3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

210mm f/ 4


Character and Bokeh

The lens has a nice character. On the ranges, 135-210 is more artistic. Nice bokeh, especially in the long focus. 

3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

70mm f/4 

3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

210mm f/4

3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples 70mm f/4

3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

100mm f/4


Contrast and color rendition

The lens has BBAR multi-coating. Contrast is good, nice color. 3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

70mm f/4

Backlight keeps, but not so well as modern lenses. Much better than Tamron 35-70 mm f / 3.5.

3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

210mm f/ 3.5



The reproduction ratio is 1: 2.6, as evidenced by the orange mark on the barrel. Also, there is an inscription Macro CF. 3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

210mm f/8


Personal experience

The lens is really like—convenient focal length. Conveniently focusing. Good design. In general, a good lens.

3,5 Adaptall-2 model 19AH samples

210mm f/ 3.5


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