Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro. Adaptation on any DSLR Camera

11/13/2014 - 15:45
Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro. Adaptation on any DSLR Camera

Olympus Zuiko 80 mm f / 4 Auto Macro - a good macro lens, macro shooting applies to a reproduction ratio of 1: 1 or more. See also Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro review and samples. The lens is specifically designed to use a special telescopic auto extension tube and constructively has a long rear ledge, like in old rangefinder lenses. But despite such a constructive, the lens has a long flange distance. About 65 mm. With such long, it can be mounted on any camera with infinity safe, and even with a minimum "surgery." I will describe below how to adapt.  


Finalizing aperture control

The lens has automatic aperture control, which works with cameras Olympus OM only and telescopic auto extension tubes. On any other system, it will not work, so it must be removed but leave the manual control. Open the aperture so that it stood on the value f/ of "4". Remove the tail and pull the ring. Next, remove the ring with extra details that provide an automatic aperture control mechanical connection with a camera; they fixed screws. Now the ring should look like this. Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro Adaptation

Next, insert the other end into place, and check how the diaphragm. To adhere to this ring by hand and cover the aperture manually. If everything is inserted correctly, it will close properly and comply with the values on the barrel. Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro Adaptation

Now take glue, once again pull the ring and smear with glue. Put back into the correct position. Keep a few seconds. Now the ring is fixed, and we can control the aperture manually. Also, when pulling the extra parts pressing buttons fail automatic aperture control. Glue them to the frame to maintain the aesthetic appearance. Reassembling lens all back.


Mounting the lens to the camera to the correct flange distance

To install the Nikon F camera lens, I used two sets of Chinese extension rings, which buy on eBay. One for Nikon, and the other for Olympus OM. They are absolutely identical and differ only in the bayonet mounts.

Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro Adaptation

Match the desired configuration for the required length. I get that. Now, on one end of the cheat Nikon mount and the other - Olympus OM. Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro Adaptation

The result is such an adapter. Mount with it helps the lens on your camera. Now we can use the lens to the fullest. By varying the number of rings, we select the desired length of the focus to infinity to the closest distance. Olympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro Adaptation

If we need to shoot a close-up, just enough wind the additional ring, we now have two sets of them, and we can provide the scale greater than 1: 1. But it is also the use of a minor inconvenience - if you want to go from infinity to close range, you need to remove the lens and cheat additional rings, but overall it's not such a problem.

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