Industar-29 2.8/80 Review

01/30/2015 - 00:34
Industar-29 2.8/80

Industar-29 f/2.8 80 mm (Russian name “Индустар-29″) is a standard lens for medium format camera “Salute.” Made in USSR, produced from 1957 through 1973, in the “Arsenal” Kyiv factory.

Since 1973, the camera “Salute” change the camera “Salyut-C,” with the lens Vega 12 2.8/90.

Industar-29 2.8/80

The lens has a bayonet “V” mount (Hallesblad mount analog); you can use the Hasselblad-Nikon F adapter for mount on a modern DSLR camera.

Industar-29 2.8/80

The lens optical design is “Tessar.” Rumor has it that Industar-29 is a copy of Carl Zeiss Tessar 2.8/80. But as said collector friend, “apparently not very successful.”


Industar-29 2.8/80 Specs

Focal length: 80 mm
Aperture: f/ 2.8 — f/ 22
Weight (gr/oz): 340 / 12
Length (mm/in): 62 / 2,4
Filter Ø (mm.): 58
Aperture blades: 11
Min. focus distance (m.): 0.9

Industar-29 2.8/80

Industar-29 2.8/80 Handling and Mechanics

The lens has a chrome metal barrel that is different from the modern and stands out on the camera, looks stylish. Build quality is good. The front lens is deeply planted, which reduces the flare and the amount of stray light.

The aperture switching mechanism unusual and uncomfortable.


Industar-29 2.8/80 Sample Photos

All samples were taken on Nikon D3100 Camera. RAW export, minimal exposure correction


Industar-29 2.8/80 Sharpness

A wide-open aperture lens is very glowed due to the spherical aberration. And from aperture f/4 image comes back to normal.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sharpness test

f/ 2.8

Industar-29 2.8/80 sharpness test

100% Crop of the previous photo

The lens has low resolution, only 25/10 lines/mm (center/edge); on the 35mm format, we have 25 lines on all frames.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos child

f/ 4

Therefore, a high sharpness of it is not worth waiting, even to closes apertures. But in this and its advantage. Portraits obtained plastic without harshness and dryness.


Industar-29 2.8/80 Character and Bokeh

The lens is interesting for its design, a classic Tessar. Nice character.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos children

f/ 4

Thanks to 11 aperture blades, beautiful bokeh even to cover the apertures. Especially beautiful are obtained with the 22-corner stars from the night lights.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos  bokeh

f/ 4

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos  contrast

f/ 5.6


Industar-29 2.8/80 Contrast and Color Rendering

The lens has good contrast. It singles coated.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos  colors

f/ 5.6

Color reproduction is good. The colors are natural, vivid.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos  reportage

f/ 5.6

The aperture blades shiny, brass, and gives yellowness. It’s a bit much in photographs taken on a sunny day.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos kids

f/ 2.8

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos on lake

f/ 2.8

Industar-29 2.8/80 is now more collectible value rather than optical. Will be interesting creative people who are not deterred by the spherical aberration and low sharpness.

Perform an interesting, individual image. He does not belong to the lens “for all occasions” and certain subjects and creative ideas.

Industar-29 2.8/80 sample photos landscape

f/ 4

amir appel's picture
hi, Excellent report. yor F4 results are much better then mine. maybe my specific lens is the problem. I would like to get your idea for replacment lens. I have Salyut with industar-29 and I want to take pictures at F4 or even F2.8, but the focus is not even along the lens plane. Is there a better lens (80mm F2.8 is ieal) with idenitcal mount or possible mount? best regards, amir
Ivan K's picture
There is some medium format Soviet lenses for Salyut (Bayinet V): Vega-12 2,8/90 and MC Volna-3 2.8/80. I think Volna is better performer.
amir appel's picture
thanks! May camera need bayonet B. At least this is the type of industar I have. Is there a good lens in this bayonet type? best regards amir
Ivan K's picture
Vega-12 and Volna-3 also cames with bayonet B. I hear Carl Zeiss Biometar 80/2.8 also good lens, but it only for Pentacon Six bayonet, need adapter.
Jérôme Desfontaine's picture
There are no adapter for P6 bayonet lenses on the Salyut, but the opposite exists (B lens to P6 body ring). The whole body can be adapted to accept P6 lenses, but it would be such a waste to modify the older Salyut. You have the Vega-12 90/2.8 (kit lens for Salyut-C/Kiev80), the Volna 3 80/2.8 exists single coated and MC, and there may be some MC Arsat 80/2.8 which is essentially the same as Volna 3. You won’t get the preset stop coupling with any of those lenses.
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