Cambron MC f=500mm 1:8.0 Review

08/26/2015 - 20:16
Cambron MC f=500mm 1:8.0

I do not feel much interest in mirror lenses. This lens I won the eBay auction for use as a donor to the projection lens. But before disassemble it, I decided to shot some samples, which will result in this review.

Cambron MC f = 500 mm 1: 8.0 is a telephoto mirror lens for 35mm DSLR cameras. Manufactured in South Korea by Cambron, there is an inscription on the barrel «LENS MADE IN KOREA.» Cambron has a range of about 30 lenses. This is not so much compared with other manufacturers.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0

My copy has an M42 screw mount. I mounted it on a Nikon D3100 with an adapter M42-Nikon and infinity preserved, even more.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0


Cambron MC f=500 mm 1:8 Specs:

Focal length: 500mm
Aperture: Fixed f/8
Weight (gr): 420
Length (mm): 95
Filter Ø (mm.): 72
Min. focus distance (m.): 1.72


Cambron MC f=500mm 1:8.0 Handling and Mechanics

The lens has good ergonomic parameters, the ratio of the length-diameter-weight. and handing comfortably.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 filters

Because you can not screw the design features of the lens in front of the lens filters, the design makes it possible to do it from behind. Filters are screwed thread M30,5 in the back of the lens. The set includes three filters: neutral, yellow, and polarizing.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0

On the front, there is a thread M72 for the lens hood.


Cambron MC f=500mm 1:8.0 Focusing

Focusing well done. The focusing ring rotates 270 degrees, wherein the lens is extended by 20 mm. The back of the lens is extended.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0

But in general, focusing on the DSLR camera uncomfortable because of the small aperture. The focusing screen is dark. I focused on the Nikon D3100 camera on the green dot, and the sharpness is poor. I was not able to make at least one normal shot that would suit me to sharpness.

I heard on mirrorless cameras mirror lenses focusing easier, but in practice not tested.


Cambron MC f=500 mm 1:8 Sample Photos

All samples are taken with a Nikon D3100 camera. RAW export without postprocessing.


Cambron MC f=500 mm 1:8.0 Sharpness

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos flower


The lens has the ability to shoot close up. MFD is 1.27m, which is for 500mm focal length and allows you to shoot small fauna. But enjoy this shooting did not happen because of poor sharpness.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos crane


Cambron MC f=500mm 1:8.0 Contrast and Color Render

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos portrait
Despite that the lens has multicoated, contrast is not impressive. On a bright sunny day is recommended to use the lens hood.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos train

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos people

Cambron MC f=500mm 1:8.0 Bokeh

Because the design features mirror lenses, it has a donut bokeh.


Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos bokeh

Donut bokeh sample

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos women

Bokeh subjective thing, someone likes someone not. I’m not too fond of such bokeh.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos man

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos dog



The lens is of interest primarily to its focal length, which allows a good zoom distant objects. You can also shot interesting stories through space compression. MFD lens makes it suitable for shooting wildlife.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos chair

But all these advantages are crossed weak sharpness and slowest. Perhaps this lens was defective, or something was wrong, but there were no external defects and mechanical damages.

Cambron MC f=500 mm f/8.0 sample photos flower


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