Industar-23U 4,5/110 (I23U) Review

Industar-23U 4,5/110 (I23U). Review

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I bought an industar 23u, would you please tell me a little bit more about how you rigged it up with a helicoid? I'd also be using it on a nikon
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Hello, do you have the definition of the technical montage presented in this article. If so it would be very useful to use this lens on my Fujifilm. Cordially.
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I just received my Industar 23u and the way I got it to work was to use two helicoids between the lens and the camera. I was connecting it to a Lumix with an M43 mount, so I connected the lens to a M39 to M42 helicoid and then attached that to an M42 to M43 helicoid and it works like a charm now.
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