Industar-50 1:3,5 f=5cm P Review

05/25/2015 - 18:04
Industar-50 1:3,5 f=5cm P. Review

Industar-50 1:3,5 f=5cm P (Russian name Индустар-50 1:3,5 f=5см П) is a lens for 35mm cameras. It produced Industar-22 instead and set up a standard lens for SLR (Zenit) and rangefinder (Zorki) cameras. It also was installing on enlargers. The lens has Tessar optical design, and its time has good features. Industar-50 is designed in the mid-50s of the last century and was produced with modifications until the late 80s. This is probably the cheapest lens that can be mounted and used without problems on modern cameras and perform acceptable quality.


Industar-50 1:3,5 f=5cm Specifications

Focal length: 50mm

Aperture: f/ 3,5-f/ 16

Weight (gr): 80

Length (mm): 30

Filter thread Ø (mm.): 32

Aperture blades: 8  


Industar-50 1:3,5 f=5cm Handling and Mechanics

My copy of the 1958 issue, as evidenced by the first two digits of the serial number. Then, the focal length is still labeled in centimeters. Issued on KMZ factory (Russia). It has a single-layer coating; as evidenced by the letter "P." Later, when all lenses are made coated, the letter "P" has disappeared from the title since it lost its relevance. MC version of this lens, I know not. Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P

The lens has a small size, and on modern SLR camera looks unusual.


Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P on Nikon SLR Camera

Mount on Nikon SLR camera[/caption] It assembled in a shiny metal barrel.

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P

At the "infinity" positionIndustar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P

At the MFD position[/caption], In front, there is a thin focus ring. It is rotated by 270 degrees—progress helicoid small, 5 cm. The diaphragm closes smoothly. The lens has a mount thread M39. Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P rear

The version for rangefinder rear screw 10mm plastic black ring to compensate for a short flange distance. I mounted Industar-50 on the Nikon D3100 camera using a ring M39-M42 and adapter M42-Nikon. At the same time, there is no infinity—maximum focusing distance of about 1 meter. You can shoot close-up portraits, but in general uncomfortable to shoot people. For Canon SLR and mirrorless cameras, you can use them fully. The Nikon F Industar-50 is good only for shooting shallow nature, flowers, and so on. Lens construction allows painlessly to adapt it into a Nikon with infinity safe. But while there's no time to alter it.  


Industar-50 1:3,5 f=5cm Photo Examples

I mount the lens on Nikon D3100; it was curious to see the lens characters. All cite examples RAW export without post-processing—all shootings at wide-open.

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos portrait

This is the maximum focusing distance of the camera Nikon F.

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos green

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos leaves

The color render is pleasant. The contrast is normal.

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos bokeh

I was surprised; it copes with backlighting. For its age, it is normal to behave.

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos maximum focusing distance

This is again the maximum focusing distance

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos minimum, the same plot

And this is the minimum, the same plot 

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos flowers

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos flower

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos flower 

Industar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos closeupIndustar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos flowerIndustar-50 f/3,5 f=5cm P sample photos flowers  



Industar-50 1:3,5 f=5cm P is a regular old 50mm lens with the "Tessar" design for amateur cameras. No more and no less. Today, because of the huge choice of lenses, a special value is not.

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I have a similar are right it is nothing special ...but I like it for its low profile and being very light to carry...I measured it for radioactivity...putting the Geiger counter right over it IwaS getting a mean reading of 25 cpm...while the regular background reading was a reAding of 12 cpm. I then put a sheet of paper between the let a and Geiger counter and the reAdings went back to 12 cpm...I know this is an old post and may never be seen
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