Triar-1 3,5/150. Review

11/11/2014 - 11:07
Triar-1 3,5/150. Review

Triar-1 3,5/150 (Russian Триар-1) is the lens from a slide projector "Kiev-66". It has optical scheme "triplet." I have faced this scheme as an example of the lens Triplet 2.8/78. I decided to try Triar-1, focal length 150mm interesting and good aperture f / 3,5. Triar-1 3.5/150

Mounting Triar-1 3,5/150 on DSLR Camera

The lens has a very long flange distance at this focal length, probably due to its optical design. But by coincidence, I was able to mount it, for it took me a helicoid from Helios 44, which was used for Triplet 2.8/78; I put it in front of the lens, it sat down at the puck well out of jams with 20 liters of a flask. And behind, I screwed a long extension ring M42 and an adapter M42/Nikon. Triar-1 3.5/150

Here such a simple device turned out. Now, the lens focuses on a maximum distance of about 25 meters. To appear infinite, I cut back a little plastic tube; it's no big deal.  


Triar-1 3,5/150 Sample Photos

All of the examples captured by the camera Nikon D3100, exports from RAW, with no post-processing.  

Lens character is spherical aberration expressed, because of which the sharpness is low. But for portraits, it is quite acceptable. Triar-1 3.5/150 samplesTriar-1 3.5/150 samples  


Triar-1 3,5/150 Character and Bokeh

The focal length of 150 mm in combination with aperture f / 3,5 allows a well to separate the object from the background in near distances (portraits and so on). Triar-1 3.5/150 samples

MFD of my lens about 2.5 meters. In this shooting, you can see how it blurs the background as much as possible.

Triar-1 3.5/150 samples

In this example, the hand of the boy came out of the zone DOF. Triar-1 3.5/150 samples

Triar-1 3.5/150 samples

The contrast is not bad; it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Triar-1 3.5/150 samples

Bokeh is pleasant.   

Triar-1 3.5/150 samples 

Triar-1 3.5/150 samplesTriar-1 3.5/150 samplesTriar-1 3.5/150 samples  

 So takes contrast in contact with stray light. To improve the contrast of the hood to do.

It is focusing on infinity—another example of the contrast under the strong incident light side. Triar-1 3.5/150 samples

But when the bright lights do not get into a good contrast and color. Triar-1 3.5/150 samples  


As can be seen from the examples, Triar-1 3,5/150 is not a great lens. But I can also use it for creative ideas in art photography. Triar-1 3.5/150 samples

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