Mir-3B 3.5/65 Review

Mir-3B 3.5/65

Mir-3B (V) 3.5/65mm is a wide-angle lens for medium-format cameras “Salyut-C”, “Kiev 88″ and “Kiev 6.” Produced in USSR from 1973 through 1984, with bayonets “B” (Pentacon Six analog) and “V” (old Hasselblad analog) and was replaced by a model of the Mir-38.

Russian name is “Мир 3В 3.5/65″.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm

In this review, a version of bayonet “V”.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm

The name “Mir” are wide-angle lenses, with Zeiss Flektogon optical design for different formats and focal lengths.

There is an early version of this lens Mir-3 3.5/65, produced for cameras “Salute” from 1957 through 1972. Different from the current version of the “Zebra” barrel, 12 aperture blades and biggest MFD 0.8m.


Mir-3B 3.5/65 Specs

Focal length: 65 mm
Aperture: f/ 3.5 — f/ 22
Weight (gr): 620
Length (mm): 115
Filter Ø (mm.): 88
Aperture blades: 6
Min. Focus distance (m.): 0.4

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm


Mir-3B 3.5/65 Mounting on DSLR Camera

On the DSLR camera lens can be mount using the Hasselblad-Nikon F adapter (or Pentacon Six – Nikon F adapter for “B” version). I installed it using KP88 / H adapter (Made in USSR).

I have used this lens for DSLRs Nikon D3100, so all further figures, experiences, and examples relate to the use of the lens is on this camera. On average, native format indicators will be quite different.


Mir-3B 3.5/65 Handling and Mechanics

The lens looks unusual. The front lens has a large diameter, which emphasizes belonging to the wide-angle lens, and it can be confused with some fisheye lens. But in fact, at APS-C and Full frame cameras, it has properties rather than portrait lens.

The front lens cap is also unusual – of metal and is screwed into the thread under the filter. Thus, to remove it or close it will require more time.

In general, the lens is well assembled, it is nice to hold in your hands and work with it.



Focusing convenient. Focusing ring rotates 270 degrees, helicoid length is a 3 cm. To provide a continuous focus on the subject, as well as the ability to shoot a close-up of the small minimal focus distance.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos usb drive

Example shooting MFD. (slight cropping) f/16


Focus ring from solid metal without rubber, which makes it difficult to focus in the cold.

The depth of field is of sufficient magnitude to easily achieve a good to maximum aperture.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos people

f/ 3.5


Mir-3B 3.5/65 Sample Photos

All photos were taken on Nikon D3100 Camera. Raw export, minimal post processing.


Mir-3B 3.5/65 Sharpness

Because of the convenient focus impression that the lens is sharp. Yes, maximum sharpness enough for portraits. But if you look at the technical parameters, lens resolution is low, only 40/14 lp / mm (center/edge), it is clear that the figure we can only talk about the center. and the fall of field does not occur.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos child portrait

f/ 3.5

I watched a very good, excellent sharpness at aperture f/8. After f/11 diffraction occurs, and sharpness falls off sharply.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos kid

f/ 3.5


Mir-3B 3.5/65 Bokeh and Character

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos kid

f/ 3.5

Bokeh though not particularly beautiful, pictures taken with this lens are volume and lightness inherent in medium format lenses.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos reportage

f/ 3.5, external flash


Mir-3B 3.5/65 Contrast and Color Render

The lens has a distinctive color reproduction, but in general, it is a nice vintage. Aperture blades of brass and have a yellowish sheen that can not affect the image if it is covered.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos kid with gazon

f/ 3.5

The lenses have a single coating.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos painting

f/ 3.5, применение встроенной вспышки

Generally contrast good, but there may be flare and ghosts.


Personal Impressions
This lens I used about a year, together with Helios 81H and Industar-29. I loved it.

Mir-3B 3.5/65mm sample photos reportage festival

f/ 3.5

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