Industar-58 3,5/75 Review

07/07/2015 - 00:24
Industar-58 3,5/75. Review

Industar-58 3,5/75 (Russian Индустар-58) is enlarger lens for medium format 6x6cm. Initially, Industar-58 3.5/75 was in a different barrel design and mounted on a medium format rangefinder camera "Iskra" and "Iskra-2", which were produced from 1960 through 1963 in the Krasnogorsk mechanical plant (KMZ). Later, it was redesigned on BelOMO (Belarus) for photographic enlargers and placed in a different barrel. The name remains the same Industar-58 3.5/75. Further, the lens was slightly redesigned and received the name Industar-58U 3.5/75, emphasizing that it refers to enlarger lenses.

Industar-58 3,5/75



Industar-58 3,5/75 Handling and Mechanics

The lens has impressive size and weight. Length is 120mm. The diameter of the front parts is 85mm. The diameter of the rear parts - 53mm. But much of it is a huge frame blend, thus obtained lens deep-set that eliminates the ingress of unwanted stray light into the lens.

Industar-58 3,5/75

Like all enlarger lenses, Industar-58 has no focusing mechanism. Therefore, to fully use it, you need a suitable helicoid. In front of the barrel is a ring aperture control. The diaphragm has 9 blades and is closed intermittently at 3,5-4-5,6-8-11-16-22. The mechanism of switching the aperture is made quite interesting. Inside the frame has a hole in which the set aperture value is displayed. The diaphragm closes discretely, and it is accompanied by switching pleasant soft click.


Mounting Industar-58 3.5/75 on a digital camera

Mount Industar-58 3.5/75 in the SLR was not easy. The constructive lens has a considerable size. This flange distance is not so long (62.76mm). Therefore, to take full advantage of the lens on the DSLR camera, need a helicoid, on the one hand, to provide a short flange distance, and on the other to it instead of the back of the lens. Fortunately, I have a helicoid from the mirror lens Cambron 500 f/8, which I use to mount the projection lens with a large diameter. Industar-58, in a perfect fit, while almost perfectly coincided infinity, was a small flight. To avoid axial misalignment and the lens does not play in the helicoid on the back of the I wrapped a small layer of electric tape, thus ensuring a smooth entry of the lens in the helicoid. And on the edge of the barrel, I also stuck to its helicoid with electric tape. Industar-58 adaptation

The result was an easy-to-use lens with large dimensions. Industar-58 3,5/75 on Nikon D80. Focus it was convenient, and shooting is pleasant as if it was intended.

Industar-58 3,5/75 on Nikon D80


Examples are taken with the lens Industar-58 3.5/75

All examples are taken at wide-open on camera Nikon D3100. Export from RAW without any post-processing.  


Industar-58 3.5/75 Sharpness

The lens is designed for medium format and has a resolution of center/edge of the 35/12 lines/mm, which means that it will be 35 mm almost all over the field in the small format. Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

The lens shows no ringing sharpness at wide-open, but it is enough for most scenes. The lack of sharpness when I noticed a group of people shot in full view. But if you shoot portraits, sharpness is enough.

Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

 Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

When you close the aperture to f/5,6, I have not noticed the sharpness increase; it has not changed. Perhaps it grew up on the medium format edges of the frame, but my crappy camera difference I not noticed.

Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples  


Industar-58 3.5/75 Character and Bokeh

The lens has a nice Tessar character and bokeh. I liked its plasticity. Very beautifully blurs the background. Industar-58 3,5/75 SamplesIndustar-58 3,5/75 Samples

A characteristic feature of this lens is the formation of bubbles bokeh, such as the form triplets. Industar-58 are not so noticeable but still greater than the other Tessar-type lenses. Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

I liked this character.

Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples


Industar-58 3.5/75 Color and Contrast

The lens has a single coating. Due to the peculiarities of the Tessar optical design and its constructive, Industar-58 has good contrast and color reproduction. Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

Colors are luscious but at the same time natural.

Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

Lens copes with strong side illumination. And moderately keeps backlight. Of course, if you resort to framing a strong light source, there will be, but it is well behaved in the bright sun in most cases. Industar-58 3,5/75 SamplesIndustar-58 3,5/75 SamplesIndustar-58 3,5/75 Samples  


Industar-58 3.5/75 good Tessar-type lens. It has good optical characteristics and constructive. I liked it very much, and I decided to leave it in his collection, of the main drawbacks of mounting on the camera. Industar-58 3,5/75 Samples

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