Industar-100U 4/110 (I-100U) Review

10/29/2015 - 10:23
Industar-100U 4/110 (I-100U). Review

I-100U 4/110 (Russian И-100У) is an enlarger lens for a large format. Designed to frame format 6x9 cm. Produced at the Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory (LZOS). Like all Industars has an optical design 4 elements in 3 groups (Tessar).


I-100U 4/110 Constructive

The lens has a good barrel design in the style of the large format photographic lenses. The diameter of the barrel is 42 mm. Industar-100U 4/110

The lens length is 4 cm. In the middle of the frame is a ring aperture control. It switches discrete and tight; it would be possible to make it softer because when it is switching, the focus is strayed. Industar-100U 4/110

The diaphragm closes by full steps: 4-5,6-8-11-26-22. It has 10 blades. Blackening them missing. The blades are visible even at wide-open aperture; I think without blades the lens will have a slightly higher aperture ratio, a little bit. Like all enlarger lenses, Industar-100U has no focusing mechanism. And to fully use it for taking pictures, need helicoid, good news, flange distance allows it. For a leisurely studio, it can also use shooting bellows.

Industar-100U 4/110

There is two rear mounting thread: one M42 and one M35. Apparently, designers have solved the problem of compatibility with a variety of photographic enlargers; the lenses have a single-layer purple coating.  


Industar-100U 4/110 mounting on the camera

The lens has a long flange distance; it is inherent in all large format lenses. To install it on a Nikon camera, I used a homemade helicoid and a large extension ring.

View on Nikon D3100

View on Nikon D3100

In this constructive, I have focused on a distance of about 20 meters. I tried to get it to infinity, screwing instead of one large ring, small and medium, but, ironically, in this position, I'm a little bit not reached infinity. The focus Industar-100U to infinity does not make much sense since the lens has a slight sharpness; it will discuss this below. Construction in size to me something reminded Jupiter-11 4/135, it also has a small diameter and similar length.


Industar-100U Sample Photos

All examples are taken by the camera Nikon D3100, at wide open. Exports from RAW without any post-processing.  


Industar-100U 4/110 Sharpness

As mentioned above, the lens has a low sharpness. The technical data indicated that the lens resolution at a 5-x reproduction ratio equals 70 lines in the center. Maybe the way it is, but on normal distances, sharpen is weak.

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample PhotosIndustar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos

But there is some special charm. Portraits are not bad.

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos  


Industar-100U 4/110 Character and Bokeh

The lens has a nice vivid character.

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos

Boke and I liked it. I do not expect such a nice bokeh of the enlarger lens. Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos

Bokeh, I liked it more than the Vega- 5U 4/105 with its biometar-like optical design.

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos 

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos 

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos 

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos 


Industar-100U 4/110 Contrast and Color Render

Unfortunately, when I shoot the pictures for this review, it was cloudy, so I fully check the lens, not able to. Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos

But what I noticed, it's afraid of a strong side and the backlight. This is typical of almost all Soviet lenses. Apparently, Soviet glass is not as good as the German and Japanese. Industar-100U 4/110 Sample PhotosIndustar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos

The lens passes quite normal pleasant colors.

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample PhotosIndustar-100U 4/110 Sample PhotosIndustar-100U 4/110 Sample PhotosIndustar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos

Red and orange colors are very bright, despite the cloudy weather.

Industar-100U 4/110 Sample Photos  



Industar-100U 4/110 is a good lens, even though the low resolution is a nice character. You can use it for artistic photography, macro-sketches, and portraits.

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