How to Mount Large Format Lenses on DSLR Camera

11/12/2014 - 19:10
How to Mount Large Format Lenses on DSLR Camera

Adjusting the Flange and Focusing Mechanism

Large format lenses have a long flange distance. To provide it, there are several ways. This is a special focusing helicoid. If the desired length is not enough, you can increase it by extension rings. Goerz Berlin Dopp-Anastigmat Serie III DAGOR 150 mm f/ 6.8

Dagor 150mm f/ 6,7 mounted on the camera with helicoid and extension rings

Also, this problem can be solved by bellows. I have seen such solutions on the Internet. But I like the helicoid, perhaps because I have it. Usually larger format, which accommodates the lens, has a longer flange distance. Thus, in some lenses designed to format, 18x24cm flange distance is longer than 30 cm. A format 9x12 about 10 cm.  


Lens Mount

Attach the lens has to by all available means. Older lenses often have a non-standard thread. There could be savvy work. Those lenses that are small in size, I attached to the helicoid, cutting the puck out of plastic stoppers for a 20-liter bottle. In this way, I was able to attach several lenses for the format 9x12 cm.

How to mount large format lenses on DSLR camera

DIY mount, cork bottle, which put on the helicoid

If the diameter of the rear of the lens is large, you need to find other ways. Some lenses have to be attached with tape, as best he could not come up with.


Using a Lens Hood

I also want to note that you need to take care of the hood. It can be made from plastic tubing of suitable diameter. To reduce flare, it can be cover inside black suede or matte paint, paper, etc. large format lens on DSLR camera

Lens for 9x12 cm format, with attached plastic tube, which serves as a hood. It is based on the friction force.



As you can see, attach a large format lens to the digital camera is simple enough. There is no need to carry out complicated operations for shortening flange—a little bit of engineering and success.

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