Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 Review

04/27/2015 - 19:44
Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135. Review

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 is a telephoto lens for 35mm cameras. The lens is an improved modification of the Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f4. It differs from its predecessor, smaller in size and speed and "Zebra" barrel design. Produced for M42 and bayonet Exacta.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135

My copy is released between 1970 and 1975, as evidenced by the serial number 9432400. Has single coating. The optical design — classic Sonnar, 4 elements in 3 groups. I mount it on a Nikon D3100 camera with adapter M42-Nikon, while focusing is possible at a distance of 8 meters. That ASP/C camera allows you to take a half-length portrait. To achieve infinity, the lens needs to adapt.


Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 Specs

Focal length: 135mm

Aperture: f/ 3.5 — f/ 22

Weight (gr): 430

Length (mm): 90

Filter Ø (mm.): 58

Aperture blades: 8

Min. focus distance (m.): 0.25

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135


Sonnar 3,5/135 Handling and Mechanics

The lens has an interesting constructive difference from modern ones. The black metal barrel, focusing ring is not rubberized; instead front part of the barrel has a thin ring, "Zebra," which can be focusing. Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135

The same ring on aperture control. On the camera, it looks stylish, yet modern design comfortable and convenient.



As mentioned above, the lens has a focusing ring, "Zebra." Even though it is narrow, focusing is convenient. The helicoid rotates at 320 degrees, so you can easily catch the sharpness. Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135

Wherein the front element extends 2.5 cm.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135

The front element is not rotating.


Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 Sample Photos

I took all photos on Nikon D3100. RAW export without postprocessing.  


Sonnar 3,5/135 Sharpness

On wide-open lens have good performance. Sharpness is good. Further, all photos are made on the wide-open aperture. Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samplesCarl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samplesCarl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples


Sonnar 3,5/135 Character and Bokeh

Lens character really likes, air picture typical for Zeiss Sonnar optical design.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples 

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

Pleasant bokeh.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samplesCarl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples  


Sonnar 3,5/135 Contrast and Color Render

The lens has good contrast. Stable to a strong side light.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples 

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

Backlight still afraid.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

Example backlit from window But even in backlit behaves with dignity, turning into a kind of artistic flare charm. I did not feel uncomfortable having to shoot them in the sun.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples  


Personal experience

I write this review after only 2 weeks of use. My copy substantially seedy: under the front of the lens, there is a small fungus, the diaphragm sticks, carving a filter murdered, body-worn. Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

But despite all this, the lens shows good results. It is convenient to shoot, the photos are wonderful.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

It Will be free time, and I will repair it and adapt it for Nikon F.

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 3,5/135 samples

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