hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) Review

01/14/2016 - 15:39
Close Up Filter hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III). Review

<p><strong>Hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III)</strong>&nbsp;is an optical power 3 diopters and allows you to approach the subject.</p>

<p><strong>Hama</strong>&nbsp;is a German company that produces various attachments and Close Up filters, one of the best in its class. Judging from the shape, it is not an achromatic lens, but despite that, I have not noticed in the photo strong chromatic aberrations. In cases when they were without a lens. With a lens, they manifest a bit more.&nbsp;<img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III)" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-02.jpg" /></p>

<p>The filter has a light-violet coating. It appears that a single coating. But possibly multi-coating, difficult to answer. There has been a slight drop in contrast, but it is insignificant.</p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III)" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-03.jpg" /></p>

<h2>Hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) Sharpness Test</h2>

<p>This filter is threaded M49. I used it with a lens Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f / 1.4, which has the same thread for filters. So, we do a test shot without a filter. The subject I chose the fabric that has small villi.&nbsp;<img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) test" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-04.jpg" /></p>

<p><em>The photos were taken at the MFD. You can see the degree of magnification.</em></p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) test" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-05.jpg" /></p>

<p><em>Crop 100% fragments the size of the center of the frame without CloseUp filter and with it.</em>&nbsp;And now try to achieve the same magnification, but with the help extension ring.</p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) test" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-06.jpg" /></p>

<p><em>100% Crop fragments the size of the center frame with extension ring and with close up filter.</em>&nbsp;As can be seen from the examples, the sharpness in the center of the frame has not changed.</p>


<h2>Hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) Samples</h2>

<p>Let us clearly see the magnification we can achieve with Hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) filter and Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50 mm f / 1.4.</p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-07.jpg" /></p>

<p><em>Example without the filter.</em></p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-08.jpg" /></p>

<p><em>Same story with a filter.</em>&nbsp;And another comparison.</p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-09.jpg" /></p>

<p><em>Without filter.</em></p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-10.jpg" /></p>

<p><em>Same story with a filter.</em>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<h3>And few examples with filters.</h3>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-13.jpg" /><br />
<img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-12.jpg" /></p>

<p>As can be seen from the examples, a 50mm lens with a close-up filter can be achieved a not strong magnification. But on the lens longer the focal length, the better the effect of magnification. Therefore close-up filters better performance with telephoto lenses.</p>

<p><img alt="hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples" src="/sites/default/files/1/lenses/Close-up/hama3m49-14.jpg" /></p>


<p>Hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) filter is good for those involved in macro. It has good quality. As used telephoto or with extension ring can be achieved much strongest magnification. Before, I was skeptical about this kind of attachment, amending the optical design of the lens. But after a brief use of this filter, I changed my mind. Work with good quality close-up filters makes sense.</p>

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