hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) Review

Close Up Filter hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III). Review

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) is an optical power 3 diopters and allows you to approach the subject.

Hama is a German company that produces a variety of attachments and Close Up filters, one of the best in its class. Judging from the shape, it is not an achromatic lens, but despite that, I have not noticed in the photo strong chromatic aberrations. In cases when they were without a lens. With a lens, they manifest a bit more. hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III)

The filter has a light-violet coating. It appears that a single coating. but possibly multi-coating, difficult to answer. There has been a slight drop in contrast, but it is insignificant.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III)

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) Sharpness Test

This filter is threaded M49. I used it with a lens Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f / 1.4, which has the same thread for filters. So, we do a test shot without a filter. The subject I chose the fabric that has small villi. hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) test

The photos were taken at the MFD. You can see the degree of magnification.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) test

Crop 100% fragments the size of the center of the frame without CloseUp filter and with it. And now try to achieve the same magnification, but with the help extension ring.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) test

100% Crop fragments the size of the center frame with extension ring and with close up filter. As can be seen from the examples, the sharpness in the center of the frame has not changed.


hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) Samples

Let us see clearly what effect the magnification we can achieve with hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) filter and Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50 mm f / 1.4.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples

Example without filter.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples

Same story with a filter. And another comparison.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples

Without filter.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples

Same story with a filter.  

And few examples with filter

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples
hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples

As can be seen from the examples, 50mm lens with close up filter can be achieved a not strong magnification. But on the lens longer focal length, the better the effect of magnification. Therefore close up filters better performance with telephoto lenses.

hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) samples


hama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) filter a good thing for those involved in macro. It has good quality. As used telephoto or with extension ring can be achieved much strongest magnification. Before, I was skeptical about this kind of attachments, amending the optical design of the lens. But after a brief use of this filter, I changed my mind. Work with a good quality close up filters makes sense.

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