Tamron Adaptall Mount

08/14/2015 - 16:45
Tamron Adaptall Mount

Adaptall is a universal lens mount developed by Tamron. One side is attached to a special lens bayonet mount, and the other side has a mount for the camera.

In the photo above, Tamron Adaptall lens without an adapter and with an adapter for M42 screw

Since 1975, Tamron has introduced a new standard for mounting its lenses, which replaced the Adapt-A-Matic mount. Since 1979, a slightly improved design appeared Adaptall-2.

Adaptall – M42 mount adapter

Adaptall – M42 mount adapter

Automatic aperture control mechanism on Adaptall – M42 adapter

An automatic aperture control mechanism on Adaptall – M42 adapter


What is the difference between Adaptall and Adaptall-2

Both are fully compatible and have the same construction. But Adaptall-2 differs from the first improved Adaptall reliability (so says the company Tamron). Practically check the reliability of these adapters is not an opportunity.

Adaptall-2 – Nikon F adapter

Adaptall-2 – Nikon F adapter

Automatic aperture control mechanism on Adaptallo2 – Nikon F adapter

An automatic aperture control mechanism on Adaptallo2 – Nikon F adapter


Compatible Adaptall with modern DSLR cameras

Adaptall and Adaptall-2 were produced for all kinds of cameras 70-80 s. Since then, many manufacturers have replaced bayonet mount and flange focal distance. Remain relevant only mount Nikon F and Pentax. For these cameras, you can use the genuine adapter, a working automatic aperture control.

The rest of the mounts is no longer valid and can be used as intermediates. For example, you can use an adapter for the M42 screw, which was popular at the time, and for which there is a set of adapters to the desired system. Thus we obtain the chain Adaptall-M42-our system. But you need to know that the automatic aperture control in such a chain will not work, and the aperture will work like on old lenses without automatic control.

Alternate adapter Adaptall-2 – Canon EOS made in China

Alternate adapter Adaptall-2 – Canon EOS made in China

Also, alternate adapters made in China can have various systems and bayonets, but they also do not have automatic aperture control.

But some Chinese adapters found defective, with poor or improper flange focal distance, whereby the lens will not reach infinity. It is important to check before buying an instance.

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May be you will find this file interesting, I take som pictures to my chipped Tamron Adpatall-2 to EOS-EF adapters. From left to right,up and down: - Chinese Adpatall-2 to EOS adapter with EMF chip attached, with this adapter infinity focus is lost - Chinese Adpatall-2 to EOS made by K&F with EMF chip attached, this adapter mantains infinity focus on my Tamron SP 80-200mm f/2.8 LD but not on the Tamron 200mm f/3.5 - Original Tamron Adpatall-2 to EOS with EMF chip attached, all stainless steel made, very hard and expensive to find. - EMF Chip All adapters bought without EMF chip, chipp attached later.
Collection of Adaptall-2 to Canon EOS EF mount adapters with EMF chip.
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Javier, thanks for interesting information.
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