Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi / Canon EOS 450D Review

09/20/2015 - 17:57
Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi / Canon EOS 450D. Review

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi is amateur SLR camera. It started producing in early 2008. This model has three different names: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi for the US, Canon EOS 450D for Europe, Canon EOS KISS Х2 DIGITAL for Japan. Despite the different names for one, this is the same camera. This review presents a copy, brought in the United States, and, accordingly, has an American name - Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi. The camera came with a kit lens Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS; it is on the photos.



Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.9 x 2.4 in

Weight: 16.75 oz (475 g)

Sensor: CMOS

Sensor dynamic range: 10.8 Evs

Resolution: 12.2 megapixels

Sensor dimensions: 22.2 x 14.8 mm

Crop factor: 1.6

Viewfinder Type: Optical eye-level mirror pentaprism

Field Coverage: 95%

Shutter Speed Range: 1/4000 - 30 sec

Auto Focus Points (Zones) Qty: 9

Focusing modes: One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI FOCUS AF Continuous

Shooting Speed: 3.5 frames per second (JPG), 1.5 (RAW)

ISO range: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, Auto

Image Recording Format: JPEG, RAW

Photo maximal size: 4608×3456 px

LCD-display: 3″ (resolution 230 000 px).

Power: Li-On battery (7.4 V, 1080 mAh)


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Ergonomics and Functionality


The camera has a standard for amateur SLR sizes. and nothing special stands out.  Professionals accustomed to the elder camera models may seem a small body and not suitable for capture. But from the fans, I have not heard such comments. In this case, on the contrary, small size is an advantage rather than a disadvantage.


The housing is made of plastic. Designated contact with hand plastered relief rubber.


The first thing to note when you take the camera in hand, it's good to build quality.  The top panel is a standard dial Shooting. Under the forefinger shutter button, and next to it the wheel



Locating the Controls settings of the camera does not particularly different from other cameras, Canon. As a user of cameras Nikon, it took me 5-10 minutes to get used to the ergonomics and find the functionality I need. Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi

Behind is a 3” LCD. Resolution 230 000 points is not so much compared to the new models, but generally enough. Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi

Menu tabs implemented, as in the previous cameras Canon, the structure remains the same, too. The camera has a sensor dust reduction function - EOS Integrated Cleaning System. This pleasantly pleased, especially for users who use manual optics and those who often change the lenses. The camera has a built-in flash that also features a hot shoe and external. The camera has a mode Live View. For 2008, when the camera was released, it was considered a novelty. It is called a central button (SET). This mode is beneficial when shooting manual focus lenses. But personally, I used to work with the viewfinder, and for me, this feature is of little value. Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi


The side of a standard layout for the memory card compartment. The camera supports SD and SDHC cards.  Downstairs, in the arm, it is the battery compartment. Also, downstairs is a standard socket for mounting the camera on a tripod.


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

All photos are made with a kit lens CANON EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS. JPG without post-processing.Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 100, 1/200 f/ 9,1 18mm

The camera has a 12-menapikselnoy CMOS sensor and has maksimalnіy photo size 4272x2848 px.

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 100, 1/125 f/ 8,0 55mm

The camera has a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor and has a maximum size of photos 4272x2848 px. This allows you to print photos the size of a little more than A4 glossy magazine quality. The sensor has good color reproduction.

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

The colors are bright, saturated.

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 400, 1/400 f/ 5,7 18mm

The camera produces the decent image. Even in cloudy weather.

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 400, 1/500 f/ 5,7 25mm

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 400, 1/125 f/ 5,7 33mm

iso 400, 1/250 f/ 5,7 55mm

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

The camera has 6 infusions of white balance: cloudy, daylight, flash, fluorescent, shade, tungsten light.

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 400, 1/80 f/ 5,7 21mm

This portrait was shot in overcast conditions with the use of the internal flash. The flash illuminated girl and the color of the dress became brighter.Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 800, 1/60 f/ 4,6 37mm

The noise level is normal. Even at ISO 800, in the shadows is not particularly noticeable. By modern standards, ISO 100-1600 range is considered below. But for myself, I can say that I rarely use the highest value, even in modern cameras for the amateur footage, which is a camera that is enough.

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi Sample Photos

iso 400, 1/60 f/ 6,7 49mm. The use of internal flash.



Canon EOS 450D - good amateur SLR camera. Now it is already obsolete but is quite suitable for recreational shooting and home use. Despite its age, it produces quite decent images.


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