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Lens-reviewsArsat H 1:2 50mm Review Ivan K32 days 8 hours ago
Lens-reviewsTriplet 2.8/78 Review Ivan K02 weeks 5 days ago
Lens-reviewsSigma Zoom-Master 1:2.8-4 f=35-70mm Review Ivan K22 weeks 5 days ago
Lens-reviewsEmitar/S 4,5/80 Review Ivan K23 weeks 1 day ago
Lens-reviewsIndustar-55U 4,5/140 Review Ivan K03 weeks 3 days ago
Lens-reviewsCarl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 2.8/180 Review Ivan K31 month 2 days ago
Lens-reviewsGOZ KO-140 1:2,2 F=140mm Review Ivan K01 month 6 days ago
Lens-reviewsKodak Anastigmat «Kodar» 1:6,3 f=10,5 cm Review Ivan K01 month 1 week ago
Lens-reviewsSoviet Lenses. Names and Optical Design Ivan K01 month 2 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsTokina AT-X PRO 20-35mm 1:2.8 235 AF Review Ivan K01 month 2 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsOlympus Zuiko 80mm f/ 4 Auto Macro. Adaptation on any DSLR Camera Ivan K01 month 2 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsCarl Zeiss Jena Tessar 4,5/300 Review Ivan K02 months 2 days ago
CamerasCanon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi / Canon EOS 450D Review Ivan K02 months 1 week ago
Lens-reviewsTamron 1:5,6 f=300mm (model CT-300) Review Ivan K02 months 2 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsTokina 28-70mm f/2.8 AT-X AF vs AT-X PRO 28-80mm 1:2.8 280 AF. Compare Test Ivan K12 months 3 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsI-51 4,5/210 (Industar-51) Review Ivan K03 months 1 week ago
Lens-reviewsHow to Repair Damaged Lens Filter Thread Ivan K14 months 1 week ago
Lens-reviewsMC Mir-24H 2/35 Review Ivan K04 months 1 week ago
Accessorieshama Nah (Close-Up) +3 M49 (III) Review Ivan K04 months 2 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsNettar-Anastigmat Contessa-Nettel 1:6,3 f10,5 cm Review Ivan K04 months 2 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsVega-5U 4/105 Review Ivan K04 months 3 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsIndustar-23U 4,5/110 (I23U) Review Ivan K04 months 3 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsMir-3B 3.5/65 Review Ivan K04 months 3 weeks ago
Lens-reviewsC. P. Goerz Berlin Dopp-Anastigmat Serie III DAGOR 150 mm f/ 6.8 Review Ivan K05 months 1 day ago
Lens-reviewsRodenstock Rodagon 50mm f/2.8 Review Ivan K15 months 1 week ago