Telear-H 3.5/200 Review

01/28/2015 - 23:38
Telear-H 3.5/200

Telear-H 3.5/200 is a fast telephoto lens (russian name “Телеар-Н 3.5/200”). Made in USSR. Produced on the Kiev factory “Arsenal” from 1985. Letter “H” means that the lens is compatible with Nikon F Ai mount.

Telear-H 3.5/200
Some copies came with a M42 screw mount, it needs to be established, instead of the Nikon F bayonet screw.

Telear-H 3.5/200 design

The lens has an optical design consisting of 5 elements.

Telear-H 3.5/200

Telear-H 3.5/200 Specs:

Focal length: 200 mm
Aperture: f/ 3.5 — f/ 22
Weight (gr/oz): 700 / 24,7
Length (mm/in): 145 / 5,7
Filter Ø (mm.): 62
Aperture blades: 8
Min. Focus distance (m.): 1.6

Telear-H 3.5/200


Telear-H 3.5/200 Handling and Mechanics

The lens is well assembled and sits perfectly on the camera. It has a good long-diameter-weight combination. It also has a built-in hood.


Telear-H 3.5/200

Focusing ring rotates 270 degrees, allowing you to focus well. But this does not prevent slips on the aperture f/ 3.5. Personally, I found it difficult to get into focus due to the narrow depth of field.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos landscape



Telear-H 3.5/200 Sample Photos

All samples takin on Nikon D3100 Camera. RAW export without post processing.


Telear-H 3.5/200 Sharpness

At wide open picture is soft, for portraits. Good sharpness appears from aperture f / 8.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos portrait

f/ 3.5

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos railroad

f/ 16


Telear-H 3.5/200 Character and Bokeh

The large aperture well blurs background. But bokeh is nothing special.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos child portrait

f/ 3.5

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos bokeh

f/ 3.5


Telear-H 3.5/200 Contrast and Color Rendering

The lens is multi coated, but like all Soviet lenses, afraid of the backlight. And even a built-in hood does not help.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos backlit

f/ 16 backlit sample

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos landscape

f/ 8

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos child

f/ 3.5

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos rails

f/ 16

In general, if the shot does not let backlite and side light, have a pleasant colors. But skin tones require adjustment.


Personal Experience
This is my first manual telephoto lens. Therefore, due to lack of experience it was difficult using. I did not stay long it. Soon after I sold it and pictures from it have not much.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos at night

f/ 22

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