Telear-H 3.5/200 Review

Telear-H 3.5/200

Telear-H 3.5/200 is a fast telephoto lens (Russian name “Телеар-Н 3.5/200”). Made in USSR. Produced in the Kiev factory “Arsenal” from 1985. Letter “H” means that the lens is compatible with Nikon F Ai mount.

Telear-H 3.5/200
Some copies came with an M42 screw mount, it needs to be established, instead of the Nikon F bayonet screw.

Telear-H 3.5/200 design

The lens has an optical design consisting of 5 elements.

Telear-H 3.5/200

Telear-H 3.5/200 Specs:

Focal length: 200 mm
Aperture: f/ 3.5 — f/ 22
Weight (gr/oz): 700 / 24,7
Length (mm/in): 145 / 5,7
Filter Ø (mm.): 62
Aperture blades: 8
Min. Focus distance (m.): 1.6

Telear-H 3.5/200


Telear-H 3.5/200 Handling and Mechanics

The lens is well assembled and sits perfectly on the camera. It has a good long-diameter-weight combination. It also has a built-in hood.


Telear-H 3.5/200

Focusing ring rotates 270 degrees, allowing you to focus well. But this does not prevent slips on the aperture f/ 3.5. Personally, I found it difficult to get into focus due to the narrow depth of field.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos landscape



Telear-H 3.5/200 Sample Photos

All samples takin on Nikon D3100 Camera. RAW export without post processing.


Telear-H 3.5/200 Sharpness

At wide open picture is soft, for portraits. Good sharpness appears from aperture f / 8.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos portrait

f/ 3.5

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos railroad

f/ 16


Telear-H 3.5/200 Character and Bokeh

The large aperture well blurs the background. But bokeh is nothing special.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos child portrait

f/ 3.5

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos bokeh

f/ 3.5


Telear-H 3.5/200 Contrast and Color Rendering

The lens is multi-coated, but like all Soviet lenses, afraid of the backlight. And even a built-in hood does not help.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos backlit

f/ 16 backlit sample

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos landscape

f/ 8

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos child

f/ 3.5

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos rails

f/ 16

In general, if the shot does not let the backlit and side light, have pleasant colors. But skin tones require adjustment.


Personal Experience
This is my first manual telephoto lens. Therefore, due to lack of experience, it was difficult using. I did not stay long it. Soon after I sold it and pictures from it have not much.

Telear-H 3.5/200 sample photos at night

f/ 22

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