Industar-55U 4,5/140 Review

06/15/2015 - 19:32
Industar-55U 4,5/140. Review

Industar-55U 4,5/140 (Russian Индустар-55У) is a large format enlarger lens. From enlargers "Belarus". Produced in USSR at the Minsk Mechanical Plant (MMZ). Designed for format 60x120mm. Optical design — Tessar type.

Industar-55U 4,5/140

Industar-55U 4,5/140 mount

 The lens has the such "square ballast", apparently for the constructive enlarger.  

Industar-55U 4,5/140\


Industar-55U 4,5/140 Specs

Focal length: 140mm

Aperture: f/ 4,5 – f/ 22

Weight (gr): 290

Length (mm): 58

Filter Ø (mm.): 60

Aperture blades: 8  


Industar-55U 4,5/140 Mounting on DSLR Camera

The lens has a flange distance of 122.09 mm. To install it on a Nikon 3100 with the focus on infinity, I used macro helicoid and a long extension ring M42 and adapter M42-Nikon.Mount to the Nikon

There are different versions of the lens barrel, with thread, the lens is attached to the enlarger and without thread. In my version of the thread was not, and had to glue it to the helicoid by an adhesive (electrical tape is better).

Industar-55U 4,5/140 on SLR camera


Industar-55U 4,5/140 Photo Examples

All photos were taken with the camera Nikon D3100, at wide open. RAW export without any post-processing.  


Industar-55U 4,5/140 Sharpness

As with all large-format lenses, Industar-55U has a not high resolution but has not too bad sharpness. It is suitable for shooting portraits and various art pens (flowers, etc.).

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photosIndustar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos portrait


Industar-55U 4,5/140 Character and Bokeh

The lens has a nice, beautiful character.

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos bokeh

 Bokeh also interesting, resembling oil paintings. I really enjoyed it. Frankly, I did not expect such a pleasant bokeh from Tessar type design.

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos bokeh only

Bokeh example

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos bokeh

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos flower

 Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos


Industar-55U 4,5/140 Contrast and Color Render

The lens has a weak contrast and backlight at all and does not copes a strong side light. Even its built-in lens hood, 25 mm long, can not help.

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos flare

Backlight example

The lenses have a single-layer yellow-violet coating. Because of this, the colors are slightly yellowish. Color reproduction is nice, I would say vintage.

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos 

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos senior couple

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos 



Industar-55U 4,5/140 is an interesting lens for creative ideas. It has a nice character. You can buy it very cheap, to be mounted on the camera required helicoid.

Industar-55U 4,5/140 sample photos

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